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multi media production
In the field of multi media we offer the whole spectrum of audio & video-production, professional still image photography and the realization of music clips and corporate films.
Using our company-owned music production label „xstrm.music” we are giving young artists the chance of recording, publishing and distributing their own music.

web design & programming
You are in need of a new web site, you want to optimize your existing homepage or you want to start an online shop? We would be pleased if we could help you making your web site ready for Web 2.0!
We are also able to develop complex web based applications for you. Just tell us what you want, we'll do it!

hosting & server administration
Challenging content needs a challenging home. Your web content will be pleased by our high performant infrastructure.

cloud services
Whether you want to give your employees the chance to access their documents all over the world or you want to deliver big amounts of data to your clients, we are always able to help you.

Do you want to train your employees in the sector of IT and media or do you just want to improve your skills?
We are pleased to offer you training in IT, Office, HTML & CSS as well as JavaScript/PHP/AJAX. In cooperation with our partners we are also able to offer you training in photography and video.

IT services
We can give you advice if you want to upgrade your IT infrastructure or if you need support for installing your hardware or software.